Shri Ram Jethmalani says Ram Jawhrani, Chairman, Sahyog Foundation, as the Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community.

Sunil Dutt
says "Ram Jawhrani is the soul of Sahyog Foundation". He blended people from different walks of life to seek their help for betterment of the society. Sahyog Foundation has not only honoured film personalities for their contribution to promotion of Art, Culture and National Integration but also the organization has striven for helping the disabled and fighting social evils such as drug abuse and AIDS. In his own humble way, Jawhrani is trying to eradicate evils from the society.

Nana Chudasama
"Mumbai is a city of Miracle men and one of them is Ram Jawhrani. Should Mumbai have 100 persons like Ram Jawhrani, the entire city would wear a different look. Sahyog Foundation has been instrumental in removing social evils like drug abuse and dowry menace besides promoting art, culture and National Integration. I compliment Sahyog Foundation for honouring deserving persons / Institutions every year. I am very much impressed with the activities of Sahyog Foundation and that is why I have associated myself with this organisation since its inception."

Shabana Azmi
"I received the Sahyog Foundation Award on behalf of 50 percent population of Mumbai, which lives in slums and also on behalf of Nirwara Samiti.which strives for betterment of hutmen dwellers. I accept the award with all humility."

Dr. B. K. Goyal
- Ram Jawhrani is a dedicated social worker and has been contributing his might for the betterment of the society. As Chairman of Sahyog Foundation, he is true to his slogan "Support the helping hand".

Sudha Chandran
Sahyog Foundation, Ram Jawhrani andmyself have been fighting for the betterment of the society and striving to remove the word "handicapped" from the dictionary.

Dilip Kumar
Sahyog Foundation a prominent nongovernmental organisation of city of Mumbai , is doing excellent work without difference of caste and creed.

Vilas Rao Deshmukh
Sahyog Foundation is doing socio-culturalwork which government has to do.





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